Zoya Stepanova, head of the children's folklore ensemble "Marlenke": "Let the spirit of Endybal bring our people only well-being!"

The place of Endybal, which is located on the territory of the Lamynkhi national heritage, has been known since the reign of the Russian state of Catherine II. There is a unique silver in the bowels and not only. In those parts there is also lead. In the 1820s, the ancestors of the Evenks living here were taken out and on the reindeer sleds. My father told me that he was a participant in those works. This area for some reason was known as a terrible terrain, as evidenced by the Evenym toponym Nundim Ball. The toponym originated from the Even "Nunuhi", that is, the terrain that frightens. I was informed about this by a connoisseur of language, folklore, toponyms of localities around Sebyan, now the late Vasily Pavlovich Kameninov. Why the ancestors so called the terrain requires an explanation. But it's not about that.

As it was often said, our Namatkan land is rich not only with talented people, but in its depths lies the incredible wealth of natural minerals, one of which is silver. Our land for the existence of these riches has been studied since the 16th century. Now on the territory of Endybal (distorted with the fixation of Nundimbal), JSC "Forecast" also has its own interesting history. Since 2016, she is led by Anna Alexandrovna Fedorova. Our MI "Lamynhinsky National Heritage" closely cooperates with JSC "Prognoz" (formerly CJSC "Forecast"). These trusting and constructive relationships are getting stronger every year. Otherwise you can not! According to Anna Fedorova, without the support of each other development and progress are impossible. Indeed, whether you are the richest man in this world alone can not survive. It is necessary to have a trusting relationship, support, understanding, mutual assistance. Mankind knows the facts about where the big money, the wealth of the bowels (gold, silver, oil, gas, etc.) there arise "wars" for owning it. I want us to be above the thirst for possession. If there are some misunderstandings, try to solve problems in a civilized way. Especially it concerns ecology and nature, and soul. And our cooperation is moving forward. In April 2016, JSC "Prognoz" held Public hearings on the silver mining project at the "Vertical" deposit and received the approval of the management and residents of Sebyan-Kuel. With the support of the local population, shareholders and a large team of the company are preparing to launch production and production of silver in early 2018. Residents of the village Sebyan-Kuelle are now guaranteed active and future generations on a number of issues of life support and sustainable development of the heritage. Here I think it is necessary to assist JSC "Prognoz" and in the development of our main source of existence on this Earth, which is carried by ancestors through the centuries, without which we are not the people - the Evens, i.e. reindeer herding.

The deer is worth its weight in gold.

Not only from the words of the village leadership and the "Forecast", but we personally see tangible support from JSC "Prognoz" in all events, initiatives, he acts as a sponsor. In March of this year, in the framework of the All-Russian Congress of Reindeer Herders in the city of Yakutsk, the general director of the enterprise, Anna Fedorova, supported the participants of the delegation of the Kobiai ulus, our reindeer herders-athletes, members of the nomadic families, participants in the cultural part of the congress, sponsoring.

We also received support from Anna Fedorova in the 75th anniversary of the Sebyan-Kuel National Evenk Secondary School named after P.A. Lamutsky. So annually JSC "Forecast" tries to do more for residents of Sebyan-Kuehl than it is provided by legal requirements. It's human! Anna Alexandrovna expresses her joy that neighboring neighborly, trustful and constructive relations are strengthening between JSC "Prognoz" and Sebyan-Kuelem. May God preserve them forever.

Graham Hill, President of Silver Bear Resources (they are shareholders of JSC "Prognoz") expressed his opinion about the importance of applying positive international experience in preserving the ecology of the territory of traditional nature management. This is very important for us, the representatives of the small people of the North. The main thing in life is our physical, moral health. So let the spirit of the Nundimbal area - Endybal bring only prosperity to our people!

Zoya Stepanova
The head of the children's folklore ensemble "Marlenke"