I greet you on the corporate website of the "Forecast" joint-stock company!

AO "Forecast" - a modern dynamically developing mining company, registered in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The company operates in the Western Verkhoyansk region, on the territory of the Kobiai ulus of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). JSC "Prognoz" is a 100% subsidiary of the international company SilverBearResources Plc and carries out operational activities for the implementation of the silver mining project. The strategic goal of our Company is to ensure stability and business development in the interests of investors and shareholders, highly interested in the reproduction of the mineral and raw materials base and the production of silver to ensure the further development of the Company on the basis of investor confidence. The priority of the Company is the implementation and compliance with high international standards in the field of industrial safety and labor protection, environmental protection and compliance with the conditions for sustainable development of the territory of its activities.

Anna Fedorova

He answers the company for strategic development plans, control and operational management of the activities of all structural units, for the implementation of the company's financial, economic, social and personnel policies. Being the sole management body, it takes all key decisions and directives for the promotion of the company in a business, professional, expert community, represents the company in government bodies. Ms. Fedorova has extensive experience in human resources management ("HR") for more than 14 years in various fields, including retail and oil and gas. Anna Fedorova has a higher legal education. Awarded with the Certificate of trust to the employer of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation.

Employees and employees of the site "Vertical"
Extraction of silver on 16 plots

The main objective of the forecast is the creation of a long-term value and guaranteed payment of dividends to our shareholders.

The strategy is a constant increase in silver production due to the increase in inventories, investments in projects for the development of silver mining at 16 sites of the Mangazeya ore field and the improvement of production and production technologies.

JSC "Forecast" is a modern international company, our team employs professionals from industrial regions of Russia and the CIS