Endybalskaya square
Geology and mineralization

The area is located within the Verkhoyansk movable-folded belt in the north-east of Yakutia, 400 km from Yakutsk. Fold-thrust belt forms part of a vast mountain-forming system, the belt has a length of 2000 km from the Laptev Sea to the Sea of Okhotsk. This is a 7 km thick mountain range, represented by rocks from the late Precambrian to the Triassic.

The following types of mineralizations can be distinguished on the area:
  1. Formation veins located in sandstones
  2. Sulphided rocks with complex systems of veins and zones of veins
  3. Combined veins that pass along the fractures of strata and parallel layers, where mineralization is easily established
  4. Steeply dipping secant veins, veins and zones of brecciation.


The entire complex of works on the geological study of the Endybalskaya area of JSC "Prognoz" is carried out on its own. As a result of geological prospecting, the strike of the ore zone Vertical - North-West has been established, geological and structural position, morphological features, mineral-mineral composition of ores, geological-economic and technical-economic estimates of the deposit are given.

The ore zone Vertical has been studied by 78 ditches, 187 boreholes - along a strike by 5.1 km, in a dip - to 350 or more meters.

Stocks of silver in the ore zone Vertical C1 and C2 - 1 147.7 tons (658.99 g / t), the forecast resources of silver category P1 - 1037.3 tons of silver (566.1 g / ton).

Forecast resources

tons of silver

Forecast resources of silver on the Endibal site

A preliminary concept for the development of the facility has been developed, including its development by open and underground methods. As a result of the analysis of the results of the material composition and technological tests, possible methods and parameters of ore extraction and processing are determined and their economic evaluation is performed.