Exchange of experience and mutual support

The delegation of the Lamynhinsky national heritage (Seyabin-Kuel village) under the leadership of the Head of Taisiya Kametinova visited the production site of the mining complex "Vertical".

On the site of the delegation of 14 residents of. Sebyan-Kuel visited the production site of AO Forecast in accordance with the agreed plan, during which she inspected the biological water treatment station, got acquainted with the scheduled works for the disposal of solid household waste, including the work of the incinerator "Forsage", as well as living conditions and work of employees of JSC "Forecast".

Taisiya Kametinova, Head of the Lamynhinsky National Heritage:

- Before our heritage, its administration, as well as before any settlement, the ulus of our republic, the task is to maintain a satisfactory sanitary condition in the village, comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and comply with environmental standards. Together with JSC "Prognoz", whose experience we want to apply also in our village, we are working to ensure that during and after the autoshop, the condition of the parking lots and the "Sebyan" road complies with the standards and requirements. Here on the site, we were able to see how garbage disposal in the company was organized. The case is put at a high level, we will think over how to apply this experience in our own country. We were greeted as always very hospitable, we are glad that our dialogue has already reached a level of exchange of experience.

After the business part of the working meeting program, the guests showed the amateur performance concert for the company's employees in the office of the shift camp of the production site. In the dining room, a mobile poster library was organized, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Kobyay ulus of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). 

Residents with. Sebyan-Kuel was always distinguished by his great creative potential. The settlement, in comparison with the regional centers and large settlements of Yakutia (total 770 inhabitants), the settlement gave the republic known far beyond the bounds of the republic writers Platon Lamutsky, a member of the Writers' Union of the USSR, plays whose works still successfully work in the Sakha Academic Theater them. P. Oyunsky, People's writer of Yakutia Andrey Krivoshapkin, Vasily Kamenetinov-Bargachan, whose heritage is carefully revered by his countrymen and a number of other writers, who are already a young generation of Samians.

Also, several generations of melodists, singers, ranging from Grigory Krivoshapkin, Alcibiades Stepanov and continuing Christophor Krivoshapkin, Sergei Nikitin, Peter Kamenetov, who represent the golden fund of vocal art not only their native village, but also Yakutia. 

And the last concert became one more confirmation of the fact that in the village. Sebyan-Kuel live strong spirit, talented residents who want and can share their achievements and adopt the positive experience of their partners. 

Anna Fedorova, General Director of JSC "Forecast":

- Our principle is openness, we cooperate with the Lamynkhi national heritage on the foundation of partnership and mutual respect. To maintain a constructive dialogue with the residents of the territory of the company "Prognoz" at a high business level, to share our experience is one of our priorities. We have the same values and aspirations - maintaining the ecological balance in the territory of our activity. We operate within the framework of Russian legislation, but we also introduce new technologies that help in resolving the issues of sanitary cleaning and maintaining the purity of water bodies.

In the first half of this year the company paid much attention to supporting the growing generation of the settlement Sebyan-Kuel. "Forecast" took an active part in arranging trips to festivals in the cities of Yakutsk, Sochi, children's creative teams "Nirgin", "Khogin", helped the folk ensemble "Marlenke" to go to a responsible event - a concert in Yakutsk to confirm its high title. The children got the opportunity to leave, share the spark of their talents with the audience of Yakutia and Russia, could communicate with their peers from other parts of the country and the country. The folk ensemble "Marlenke" under the direction of Zoe Afanasyevna Stepanova once again confirmed its high level, the company "Prognoz" sincerely congratulates and is proud of the next victory of the ensemble! 
The cooperation of the "Prognoz" company with the residents of the Lamynhinsky national heritage continues and is entering a new stage of its development. This year, the company begins to establish a Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility, which will include representatives of the clan communities. Sebyan-Kuel.