Statement on the policy of JSC "Forecast" in the field of environmental protection and environmental management

This Policy is the basis for the implementation of the adopted strategic objectives, focused on the preservation of the environment, the fulfillment of obligations for the rational use of natural resources and the establishment of a high level of environmental safety in the production of works.

The goals of JSC "Forecast":

  • ensuring environmental safety of production and careful use of natural resources in productive activities;
  • compliance with the requirements of Russian and international legislation in the field of environmental protection;
  • minimization of negative impact of the company's production on the environment.

The tasks of JSC "Forecast":

  • reduction of negative impact on the environment: rational use of water resources, prevention of pollution of water bodies and conservation of biological resources, reduction of production waste generation;
  • introduction of advanced innovative technologies in production, in order to reduce anthropogenic impact on the environment;
  • organization of its own continuous environmental control at the production sites;
  • development, systematic updating of environmental design documentation;
  • organization of environmental monitoring of the environment at the site of work;
  • priority of taking precautionary measures on measures to eliminate negative environmental consequences;
  • annual development, adoption of environmental programs, environmental protection plans with financial support of activities;
  • introduction within the company of the concepts of "environmental literacy", "environmental responsibility".
  • the improvement of the qualifications of employees engaged in production, responsible for industrial and environmental safety.
  • ensuring openness and accessibility of environmental information, interaction with environmental authorities of state power.