Zoya Stepanova, head of the children's folklore ensemble «Marlenke» : "Let the spirit of Endybal bring our people only well-being!"

The place of Endybal, which is located on the territory of the Lamynkhi national heritage, has been known since the reign of the Russian state of Catherine II. There is a unique silver in the bowels and not only. In those parts there is also lead. In the 1820s, the ancestors of the Evenks living here were taken out and on the reindeer sleds. My father told me that he was a participant in those works. This area for some reason was known as a terrible terrain, as evidenced by the Evenym toponym Nundim Ball. The toponym originated from the Even "Nunuhi", that is, the terrain that frightens. I was informed about this by a connoisseur of language, folklore, toponyms of localities around Sebyan, now the late Vasily Pavlovich Kameninov. Why the ancestors so called the terrain requires an explanation. But it's not about that.

Zoya Stepanova
The head of the children's folklore ensemble «Marlenke»